The tips of our dreams – Poem

This is in response to a request from Y in a comment to another poem I wrote Let the tears fall where they may – Poem. In that comment she asked if I would try to write the image I described based on a wonderful line from a photo / poem combo she took / wrote “half empty / less time.”

The tips of our dreams

It was a cold and windy morning
the end of my first winter, when I stood here
staring out at the calm ocean
Sun coming up behind me
warming me  
as I stretched out my new bare limbs
toward the sky

This hilltop was lonely then
but I was eager and growing
watching the sky, dreaming
learning and loving
interacting with life, nature, wonder
the love of learning,

Then one day I looked around
And noticed that love had planted you nearby
I saw the strength in you, your love of life
the eagerness to grow as you reached for the sky
Your dreams
My dreams
Visions shared

As you grew
and I grew
we reached out to each other
arms embracing, limbs and leaves
learning and exploring each other
Minds and hearts melding and knitting

We settled together, here on this hill
watching as others came and took comfort in our shade
We enjoyed the warm breeze off the ocean
the sound of gentle waves breaking on the shore
birds song and our hearts grafting into one
Spring in glorious bloom

Soaking up the warmth of the noon day sun
we basked in the wonder of the oneness we’d found
Roots, though separate, intertwined in love
Foundations solid, rooted in life, growing
Dreams combining in a flowering glory
Ever stretching us, lifting us higher in life

One couple carved a heart in our shared trunk
complete with the inscription
“our dreams tied together take us higher”

Sudden rumble

I hurt,
limbs torn
heavy heart
sap dripping
I feel for you

You are gone

Eyes no longer there for me to see into to you
Arms no longer there for our embrace
Gaping wound on my side as your
leaves me in pain, feeling naked with your loss
Wondering if I can survive, how to go on

The sun has set
cold is setting in
I mourn
dreams shattered
half of me is gone

Looking down to the carving
I see that half the heart, like mine, is missing
and only part of the caption remains
“ her take us higher” and I know
that while you are not here,
some of your dreams,
our dreams
my dreams
can still be realized through me
Though not all the same,
some of them have your essence,
your inspiration, your touch

So once again I sit on this hill, lonely,
looking out over a turbulent ocean
knowing that one day, winter will end
Holding on, waiting
until the sun creeps over the earth,
brings its peace, warms my back
and once again helps me to see a future

There is “less room
to tie the tips of our dreams together”
Yet I know you will be felt here, pulling my dreams on
A breeze when needed
blowing a fresh wind off the ocean
rusting my leaves
Some dreams remembered
others renewed, still others new expressions
as I remember, heal, recover and grow

As the darkness dissolves
and the cold of this winter night fades
a new sun will rise casting a new view
into the future, my future
I will not forget
but will incorporate what we had into who I am,
be stronger for it
and follow my dreams.

Stephen Kellogg – 2010

Y, as you can see, I obviously expanded on it. I don’t know how much directly applies as I’m only going on the things I’ve read on your blog, but it’s where it ended up. I hope it finds a place with you.



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10 Responses to The tips of our dreams – Poem

  1. epicswife says:

    I loved this – somehow it made me think of “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein !! Great job 🙂

  2. y says:

    my goodness, this made me smile, especially till the climax, where a couple carved the inscription. it was a lovely hill to climb. and then downhill was a bit harder. thank you so much for the generosity.

  3. y says:

    it is almost unbearable
    to whisper
    that there is no more
    signals for dreaming
    when half of the access
    code is undeniably
    corrupted. instead, we
    are met with silence
    like glass, reminding
    us – you haven’t
    earned that story


  4. Y,
    is there more to this that is or isn’t written yet?



  5. y says:

    well, if you consider that it is a response to your longer work, then it did get “pulled out of something bigger” (smile).

    because when i read:

    “and I know
    that while you are not here,
    some of your dreams,
    our dreams
    my dreams
    can still be realized through me”

    my thoughts were, “no, no more…”

  6. Ah, well… my thoughts when writing that part of the poem came from two things…
    First: Leslie’s comment on your poem

    “I believe “Y” will reach those dreams that were shared because I believe the reality of the soul and souls intertwined exists here and there. Unfortunately, it will not be the same as anticipated, previously. ”

    I think the dreams, as Leslie suggested, will not be the same but that some of the dreams will go on. That there are portions of the shared dreams that will continue on even if they don’t take the same shape or form as originally thought.

    Second: I purposefully transitioned them in the poem from “your dreams” to “our dreams” to “my dreams”… At the very least, there are influences there that will help shape new paths and dreams and in a sense become shared dreams. I was trying to show the transition from his dreams impacting and working into shared dreams and finally influencing your dreams. So in essence the dreams still continue on.

    I hope that made sense…

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