Three identities? Find the real you! – Ponderings

I was writing a response to a poem and found myself writing the following:

“I hope you find the ability to embrace who you are and express that to the world as you have done on your blog. It seems there are 3 identities, the one who you truly are, the one you project to people and the one that people perceive. The more true you are to the one inside (the true you) the more you will project that one and the more people’s perceptions will be accurate.”

I think most people tend toward bending who they really are (like shining a light through a filtered lens) to match what they think others want to see. So they distort themselves to match others expectations. If people could learn to love themselves (quirks and all), and work on presenting that truthfully to others, others perceptions of them would begin to line up with reality. There is too much going on that affects how we think things should be versus what we enjoy or want them to be. “You should do this”, or “men should be such and such a way” or ”if only women would”… Then there’s the on slot from the media dictating how people should look and act and what’s “good” and “bad” etc. It gets to the point where someone has to “put on an entire entertainment act” instead of just playing good music with good words that reach your soul. (Ok, that was random but it tied in to something I saw earlier and in my mind it was related 🙂 ). I also posted this link, which seems relevant now, as a comment on someone else’s blog… Take a look: and watch the “evolution” video. (Here it is on YouTube as well So, express the real you. If you aren’t sure who that is, it’s time to find out. Start digging. Remember that while there are often similarities between people, each person has their own way of expressing life. Find yours and start sharing it with the world.



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3 Responses to Three identities? Find the real you! – Ponderings

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  2. llttleredrose says:

    i agree with what your saying i’ve thought of something like this before in bits and pieces and i didn’t really now how to put it into words

  3. Littleredrose… I’m glad you stopped by and that you liked this “pondering.” Don’t know if you saw it but this prompted me to write a poem along the same lines. If interested, you can see it here:
    Thanks for stopping by and especially for commenting.



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