Is it possible to become too “caused out?” – Ponderings

Is it possible to become too “caused out?”

That’s the question I posed to myself on the drive home from work today. So there I was, weaving my way through the river of traffic, minding my own business when I was assaulted by a barrage of bumper stickers… and they were all on one truck. What struck me is that they were about all different kinds of causes. There was one that said debt and had the red circle with the line through the middle (no debt), there was one that said something about fundamentalist and brainwashing (I think), another that showed a dog, something about going green… The problem was that in total there were at least 26 different stickers on the truck! And I saw the back tailgate / bumper, back window and left side of the truck. This left the right side, front windshield and front bumper out of my view. So, at least 26, and I don’t think any of them were related.

Now it’s one thing if there’s a car that has a bunch of band logos or somebody likes a college and there are 4 or 5 stickers all relating to that… I also don’t mind seeing one that supports or bashes the president and then something for or against say the health care issue etc.  The point is there’s at least a theme, go green, world day, hug a tree. But this guy had 26 stickers and by the end, I was confused as to what he believed in, supported etc. I think some folks get so tied up in having causes that it consumes them. So, like many other things in life, “it’s a good cause” can turn to consumption and the individual gets lost.

I have a friend that is so into being against the president, that he’s not even rational any more. And he’s so over the top, that most people I know either look hard to find something to bash over his head or they just ignore what he says about it because he’s too over the top.

So my answer to the question “is it possible to become too caused out?” is yes. You can be so lost in a multitude of causes that you end up losing yourself. The same can be true if you devote your entire self to a single cause. You can be so focused on that one cause that you lose yourself.

26 stickers… wow. I do wonder if he can talk intelligently about all of the causes. And, if he can, can he tell you much about himself (outside of the causes)? Maybe so, but I’m thinking not.

And less I’m misinterpreted here, I think causes are a good thing. It’s often the people with passion about a cause that bring about change. This wasn’t about causes being good or bad, or about being passionate about change in an issue etc, it was about “too much.” Can a person still be a person with 26 different causes to support? Do the causes really mean anything at that point and can you have an effective impact on any of them with so many? Am I just over thinking this?

Let me know what you think!

Stephen Kellogg – 2010

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