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I found myself a day or two ago with a new appreciation for “some” rap artists. I don’t usually listen to rap but I do listen to some bands where they combine some rock and rap. I have enjoyed some artists like Eminem and I like bands like Fort Minor / Linkin Park . In fact, I go through stages where I love to play that music cranked in the car driving too or from work… but that aside… back to rap and other songs in general. I’ve known that poetry and music often go hand in hand having dabbled in writing a few songs and just in general observation. So rap.. need an example? If cuss words bother you, don’t go to these 😀 


I don’t remember the song I was listening to but I was really just listening to the words and enjoying the rhythm, pattern and rhyme to them. That’s when I was reminded again about the poetry that can be in songs.

So on the main point of this post, tonight I was checking my e-mail and got the latest e-mail from TED. If you’re not familiar with TED, I suggest you check it out.

But relevant to this post is this link:

From the TED site on that “talk” as they call them:
“Natalie Merchant sings from her new album, Leave Your Sleep. Lyrics from near-forgotten 19th-century poetry pair with her unmistakable voice for a performance that brought the TED audience to its feet.”

Not only does she take the poetry and craft song for it, her performance of them is wonderful to watch. She’s very expressive, not just with her voice.

For a couple more TED suggestions, see the bottom of this post…

Next time you hear a song, really listen to the words and / or, look it up on the web and just view the words. See if they stand alone as a poem without all the music around them.

Next time you read a good poem, see if any sound bubbles up in you because of it. Oh, and go exploring on TED, it’s more than the arts btw, it’s got some “geeky” stuff too.  😀

Stephen Kellogg – 2010

Other TED recommendations:

Here’s one I recommend: For the dancers out there (or those who appreciate the art of dance):

And for the photographers (and in my mind painters as well) [WARNING: not for the faint of heart]:

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