Encouragment to a young person (and to me – hey wait, I’m young too) – Pondering

Encouragment to a young person (and to me – hey wait, I’m young too)

I was looking through some old e-mails a day or two ago and came across one that I had sent to one of the soccer players I coached (ok I actually sent it to her mom and said if she thought it appropriate to please pass it along). She had been on the team for several years and ended up with an opportunity to go to a boarding school.
I decided to post this here because sometimes we need to listen to what we’ve told others whether it was advice, warnings, encouragement etc.

I found this e-mail and it encouraged me especially during this difficult time at work etc. (Names removed)


just sending you a note to say that I really enjoyed having the opportunity to coach you in soccer. You will be missed next season but I’m proud of where you are heading and excited about the opportunity you have at <School name>. You made a great impact on the team not only from a skill level and team player perspective but also with a great attitude and personality. If you decide to continue with soccer, know that along with your skills, you have excellent “field awareness” and that’s a great combination.
I hope you continue with soccer but either way I know that you have what it takes both on the field and off to succeed in life. You’re at a great, scary and exciting time in your life. Keep in mind, life is a lot like soccer, continue to push forward, stay aware of what’s happening around you, go for your goals and make decisions with the impact to both you and others in mind and you’ll go far. While it can take a lot of work, life can also be a lot of fun!”
The thing that jumped out at me is that right now, life is taking a lot of work and I realized that I sometimes forget that life can / and needs to / should be fun as well.
So I hope that you too will remember to have some fun during your crazy schedule.
Stephen Kellogg – 2010

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4 Responses to Encouragment to a young person (and to me – hey wait, I’m young too) – Pondering

  1. lesliepaints says:

    What a cool idea! Read encouragement back to ourselves. I like that!

  2. Leslie,
    Thanks, I found it quite encouraging… I have also found, when giving advice, in some way the advice often applies to me as well. This was just a gem because it was one that I had written so I was able to read it again later. Maybe what we should do is, after giving verbal advice, jot a note or two down about it and then pull those notes out every few months and see how they apply to ourselves.

    Thanks again


  3. epicswife says:

    Thanks 🙂 I hope I can keep that in mind too!!!!!! Very true 🙂 🙂

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