Novel update

Hello all,

For those that have followed my blog for a bit, you know that occasionally I mention that one day I want to write a novel. Some of you have encouraged me to pursue it. Well, this month I started. As hinted to in earlier posts, I heard about a thing called National Novel Writers Month (NaNoWriMo for short). Toward the end of October, I saw a calendar that someone on WP created for tracking her progress during NaNoWriMo. I read her blog and learned more about it then I hit the site and was hooked.

Basically, you spend the month of November writing on a new novel. The main goal for the month is to write 1667 words a day toward your novel which has you reach a goal of 50,000 words in a month. Everyone who writes 50K or more is considered a winner of NaNoWriMo 2011. I decided the time was now so I dove in. I also decided to set my goal to be 60K words for the month. I did this for two main reasons.

1) I figured if I shot for 60K but fell short a little bit, I would still make the site goal of 50k.

2) 60K worked out to an even 2K words a day which made it much easier for me to track. Multiply the day of the month I’m on times two thousand and that’s where I  should be on your word count.

So in case you didn’t figure it out with my last post, as of last Sunday night, I hit my 60K goal. Very exciting! Now I’ve got to keep it going as I think I”m only about half way through the book.


So there you have it. I’ve finally taken the leap and started a novel! It’s been a lot of fun and… it continues.


Thanks to those who have given support and to those that will continue to do so 😀

I hope to be creating / posting more poetry soon, but this novel will likely consume most of my writing time for a while. I’ll keep you posted!






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4 Responses to Novel update

  1. lesliepaints says:

    Wow! Great! Clapping! This is great news, Stephen. I admire anyone who can create with words. I thought you had been working on a novel all along. Good fortune and Happy Writing, my friend. 🙂

  2. Leslie,
    Thanks!! I’m very excited and happy with what I was able to finish in November, but have a long ways to go with it as I don’t think I’ve hit the halfway point in the story yet. Then there’s the editing (of which I’ve done just a little bit).

    I plan on giving occasional updates on my progress here and to get back to writing some poetry again. Guess I need to hit your site soon for more inspiration 😀



  3. Jamie Dedes says:

    NaNo is always just a start. This year I didn’t finish, but I also made progress and have paved the way for a goodie to be completed after the new year.

    Glad to see you enjoyed yourself and that it was a productive experience for you. Hooray!

    Keep on writing. 😉

    • Jamie,
      Nice to meet a fellow NaNoer… I’ve slowed down the past couple of weeks but have just set a goal to have the novel at 100k by 03Jan12. Thanks for the encouragement.



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