Military Child Month – Poem(s) – Day 2 NaPoWriMo

Military Child Month – Poem(s) – Day 2 NaPoWriMo

I’m working to pull something out of each day to use as inspiration for my daily poems this month. Today I found out that along with being National Poetry Month, it’s also Military Child Month. In honor of all that military children experience and deal with, today’s poems are for them.

First of two poems for today:

Support a military Child

A military



Armed forces


Great explorations are afoot

Traveling here and yon

Setting foot on foreign soil

Wandering around our own

Wonders to behold

New languages and cultures to learn

But that adventure comes at a great cost

Friendships come and go

Some moving every two years or so

Dad or mom gone

Coming back when…

Who knows

All potential for hurt and pain

But also the ability to adapt, grow and learn resilience

We applaud those kids who support their parents at home

Who’ve learned the art of long distance connecting

And how to do their part at home

We hurt for those who aren’t able to adapt

Struggling with the separation

From mom or dad

Be strong, all 1.8 million of you military kids

Thank you for your part

In securing and maintaining our freedom

For taking the skills you’ve learned

Experiences you’ve lived

And applying them to better your own lives

As well as the lives of the rest of us

We applaud you and your accomplishments

Of growing strong in the face of trying times

Of supporting your mom and dad

During the deployment separation struggle

And to friends, neighbors, schools and relatives near and far

Please take time to lend an ear, hand or heart

To support the spouse and kids of the armed forces

How you ask?

A phone call, car ride, help with shopping

Lawn mowing, movie you get the idea

Do what you can to support

A Military



Armed Forces


Stephen Kellogg – 2012

And here’s a more “conventional” poem on the same topic

Second of two poems for today: 

Life of a military child

I live the life of some folks dreams
To travel abroad and see new things
Exploring new lands, people, scenes
But this dreams not all it’s made out to be

It has its good points beyond the sting
It’s true that I view other places and scenes
I get to see sites others may never see
Visit new cultures, lands and things

I learn to adapt, take things in stride
Be strong and resilient when things seem to slide
Hold up my head and say with pride
I am the child of a military bride

I am the child of a military groom
This makes some things seem doom and gloom
Friendships made disappear too soon
Leaving me sad, alone in my room

But with your help and support along the way
I’ll make it through day-by-day
I’ll do more than survive in the fray
I’ll make a difference, you’ll see, one day

Stephen Kellogg – 2012

Please do what you can to support our armed forces spouses and children. Whether or not you agree with all that the military does, these individuals (spouses and children) need your support.

These poems were inspired in part by this article:




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