A famous author can you guess who – Poem – NaPoWriMo day 7

OK, so I said I’d do 30 poems in 30 days (and I’d try to do one a day) but, much like NaNoWriMo, there will be days where I don’t reach my daily goal (getting the poem written and posted on the actual day) but I should still hit the overall goal…. In fact, I should beat it as I’ve already had a couple of days where I’ve posted more than one. Ironically (you’ll see why when you read the poem) I fell asleep while writing this last night (Ok, it was around 3am so cut me some slack, I tried) so I had to finish it today. Enjoy 🙂

A famous author, can you guess who

My head hits the pillow
And what do I see
My friend the moon
Smiling down at me

The blinds are closed
But the slits are still there
So the light from the moon
Brightens the air

I pull up the covers
and snuggle in tight
It’s hard to sleep
With the moon so bright

I grow a big grin
And sit up in bed
I think I’ll try reading
To tire my head

The options are plenty
On my book shelf you see
My friend the moon
Lights it for me

Theodor Geisel
His natural-born name
But not one that gave him
All of his fame

Theo LeSieg
One pen name of two
Still scratching your head
Don’t have a clue

I’ll read you some titles
I’m sure then you’ll know
Without further ado
Let’s go, go, go

The Lorax some say
Is a book ‘bout a tree
Who’d a thought some years later
It’d end up a movie

And to think that I saw it
On Mulberry Street
Might just be the book
To put me to sleep

Still trying to figure
Here’s another clue
It’s one of my favorites
Horton hears a who

The 500 hats of
Bartholomew Cubbins
Rhymeless but still
It earned lots of lovins

Oh the places you’ll go
His last book it’s true
Thinking of that
Makes me feel a bit blue

Still don’t know the author
I’ve got a plan
The next books title is
Green eggs and ham

Now I’ve grown tired
With this title or that
So I’ll settle in with
The Cat in the Hat

In case you’re still wondering
In case you don’t know
Dr. Seuss is his pen name
and now I must go

The moon has gone on
My head starts to fall
I’ll wake in the morning
Having not read at all


Stephen Kellogg – 2012

About Stephen Kellogg

Poetry, Ponderings, Prose, Photos & Pounding out the Pathways All at my blog... I hope you'll take a few minutes to wander around the site. Not all of what you read there will be happy or sad etc. but I trust my writings, photos etc will encourage, touch, inspire or just make you think…. I really appreciate feedback!! Thanks and enjoy Peace! Stephen Kellogg All of my writings, pictures etc are original works, unless otherwise noted, and should be considered copyrighted.
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5 Responses to A famous author can you guess who – Poem – NaPoWriMo day 7

  1. sophilyfox says:

    Very cute – definitely in the spirit of Dr. Seuss! This put a smile on my face on this bright Easter Sunday here in south Florida 🙂

    • Lizz,
      Thanks! This poem didn’t start out with Dr. Seuss in mind… but it quickly headed that way. Fun when that happens! Enjoy your bright Easter Sunday down there in Florida and I hope you get a chance to peruse around my blog a bit.



  2. sonofwalt says:

    haha! So we both had a little Dr. Suess in our Day # 7. Fun!

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