Our Kiss goodbye original song performed by Stephen Kellogg

Stephen Kellogg performing an original song (vocals and knee slaps).

So if you’ve perused my blog much or looked at the categories on the left, you may have noticed that among other things, I also write songs. Some are on my own, others with my brother Chris. But, up until this post, it’s been much like reading poetry as I’ve never posted any music to go along with them.

So why now? Well, I recently borrowed a nice microphone from another brother (no his names not Darryl – Newhart episode 2). Anyway, the microphone (The Snowball by Blue Microphones) is for another, bit more ambitious project I’m working on, so I borrowed it to do some testing. While messing around with it and a recording app called Audacity, I decided it would be fun to record one of my songs.

Just so the record is clear, yes my real name is Stephen Kellogg and I wrote and performed this song and no I don’t have a band with me called the Sixers, that’s a different Stephen Kellogg.

This is all done by voice with the exception of the “drums” which are knee slaps. I spent close to an hour messing with the audio part and at some point I want to go back and record it all again (and the video) but thought y’all might enjoy this version, imperfections and all 😀

Words are below the video, hope you enjoy the video …

Our Kiss Goodbye – Stephen Kellogg – 2012

Our kiss goodbye

In the stillness of the night
under the shadow of the moon
we hold and kiss our kiss goodbye
in the stillness of the night

Our fingers linger with their touch
wondering when we’ll meet again
for that ways yours and this ways mine
in the stillness of the night

And then my heart takes to flight
as squeezing hands pull us back tight
I hold you close and say “love you”
Your eyes they tell me “love you too”

And then we gaze upon the moon
hear two love birds start to swoon
You put your head on me to rest
These evening times we share, the best

I know it’ll happen all too soon
under the shadow of the moon
we’ll have to kiss our kiss goodbye
in the stillness of the night

Until then I’ll hold you close
Let the night sounds serenade
We’ll dance and as I hold you near
whisper sweet things in your ear

As we’re dancing face-to-face
Lost in each other’s embrace
It’ll happen once again
We’ll kiss our golden kiss goodbye

Our hearts will linger in this place
Seeking one more embrace
Until then we’ll share the moon
In the stillness of the night

Stephen Kellogg – 2011

About Stephen Kellogg

Poetry, Ponderings, Prose, Photos & Pounding out the Pathways All at my blog... I hope you'll take a few minutes to wander around the site. Not all of what you read there will be happy or sad etc. but I trust my writings, photos etc will encourage, touch, inspire or just make you think…. I really appreciate feedback!! Thanks and enjoy Peace! Stephen Kellogg All of my writings, pictures etc are original works, unless otherwise noted, and should be considered copyrighted.
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