Down to the wire – Poem – (with Reading and Video) – NaPoWriMo Day 30 WOOHOO!

Last night / early this morning I looked down at the clock on my laptop and realized… Poof, just like that it’s the 30th of April 2012 the last day of NaPoWriMo this year. It reminded me of a horse race and so… I wrote this poem. I had to take it the full way and do a reading/video as well. I hope those that I’ve pulled into the video are ok with it 🙂 If not, let me know and I’ll find a way to “edit” you out.

NaPoWriMo has been a blast! Thanks to all those that have encouraged me along the way. I’ll post another entry later tonight or tomorrow to get a little more specific. I’ve found some great folks during this month. I have appreciated their encouragement and have enjoyed reading / listening to their blogs… I want to point you to them as well. If you can… Watch the video before reading the poem.. I think it will be better that way… 😀



Down to the wire – Poem

Welcome back to Kellogg Broadcasting Station
I’m Stephen Kellogg your commentator
For this the last day in the
NaPoWriMo 30 in 30 challenge

We’ve had a ball here this Poetry month of April 2012
Poetry readings, writings and postings galore
Comments, discussions, likes and more
But now it’s all down to this last day

Let’s head back to the WordPress racetrack

Here they are round the second corner
Filming, writing and recording furiously
Trying to get the last few
30 in 30 posts uploaded

They move around the turn
As NaPoWriMo comes to a close
Fingers typing feverishly
Comments and likes start to slow

And they’re headed down the final stretch
David’s ahead by a reading
No wait, it’s Stephen by a poem
Will Suzie make a final break for it

And they’re neck and neck
David with a steady stream of readings
Stephen with a surge of poems through the last weekend
Suzie takes up the challenge and will read one as well

But wait, there’s a stumble on the track
David seems to be having technical difficulties
Seems it could be a mouse issue
Can he pull through in time

They’ve passed Day 27 with a blur
Day 28 has come and gone
Day 29 gave them some trouble
But now they’re down to the wire

And it’s Poetry for the win

Stephen Kellogg – 2012


Thanks all it’s been a great month! Let’s not drop things now (speaking more to myself than anyone… my Novel calls 😉 )


About Stephen Kellogg

Poetry, Ponderings, Prose, Photos & Pounding out the Pathways All at my blog... I hope you'll take a few minutes to wander around the site. Not all of what you read there will be happy or sad etc. but I trust my writings, photos etc will encourage, touch, inspire or just make you think…. I really appreciate feedback!! Thanks and enjoy Peace! Stephen Kellogg All of my writings, pictures etc are original works, unless otherwise noted, and should be considered copyrighted.
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3 Responses to Down to the wire – Poem – (with Reading and Video) – NaPoWriMo Day 30 WOOHOO!

  1. sonofwalt says:

    Oh wow! I just finally saw this. I took the first completely off, and mostly away from the computer. THIS was delightful, Stephen. I couldn’t stop laughing. Very creative and well done. I’m looking forward to Suzie’s reading yet. 🙂 She’s pretty awesome and I cannot wait to hear her voice! Thanks for including me in the fun!

    • David,
      I think most folks have taken a pause to breathe… Hopefully bot for too long. I was able to get another reading / video done for one of my NaPoWriMo poems. I posted it this morning. I’m now wanting to go through some of my older poems and do readings / videos. And I still would love to do the multiple readers + the poet reading the same poem.. .then comparing them. Maybe we can pull Suzie into that as well, we’ll have to see how she likes reading poems.
      Thanks for a fun month, let’s keep it going… just not at the same pace… I really need to get back to my other projects…



      • sonofwalt says:

        Agreed. Still going, but at a more leisurely trot. I am hoping to get involved in some more local things here, but I’ll share them on the The Dad Poet too. And yes, the multiple readers poem would be great. AFTER it is done, it might be fun to splice it together, a different reader each stanza as an afterword kind of wrap up. 🙂

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