Bartender – Poem


Who’s the bartender in your life

You know

The one who monitors stats
Checks ratings
Looks at targets and goals

No, he doesn’t care about alcohol
Or how to mix this or that
He doesn’t care about names on bottles

But he does care about labels
About moving pegs

How do you line up
Where are you headed
How are you going to succeed

Ah succeed
What does the bartender call success
How do you rank

And who is your bar tender
How high will you set your bar
And who will you have to step on to reach it

Take a look down
It may just be
Your loved ones down there


Stephen Kellogg – 2012

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2 comments on “Bartender – Poem

  1. Ian,
    It’s not that I’m against setting a bar, I think it can be helpful. It’s just that, sometimes that becomes the only focus to the detriment of others and yourself. On the flip side, some folks set their bar too low and end up tripping over it and falling flat on their face. Or, they just let others set the bar for them.
    Guess it’s a bit of a balancing act.. .this thing called life :D



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