Another proud papa moment

I throw these out there well… because I’m a proud papa. I have some other friends / fellow bloggers that do the same and I enjoy getting updates so I thought you might enjoy one from me so here’s a quick update on my three beautifully inspiring kids.
If you also follow me on FB, well, these will be a repeat for you though I won’t repost it there.

This time I’ll run the proud papa moments from youngest to oldest…

My youngest son decided to switch instruments (from Viola, which he’s played for 2 years) and explore the world of saxophone this year at school. It’s obviously a lot different, but he’s doing great! I may have already mentioned it but he also played Blackbird on guitar in the 5th grade talent show (rocked it!) at the end of last year. He’s learned a lot of guitar from his sister.

My middle kid just auditioned for and got accepted to the GSYO (Greensboro Symphony Youth orchestra) – Youth Philharmonic Ensemble – for violin. Over the summer (along with learning more guitar from his sister) he taught himself the piece (from Suzuki Book 4) that he performed for the audition (rocked it!).

My eldest kid continues to expand her guitar and vocal skills and recently performed solo (guitar and vocals) at a pastry / coffee shop downtown (rocked it!). It was awesome to watch! Since my original post on FB, she’s played there again. She’s also done a fabulous job passing on guitar knowledge to both the boys.

We recently were able to attend a Greensboro Symphony performance. It was amazing! (ok… they rocked it!) I’m so thankful that they have such a love of music…. from old to new and all different styles. It’s fun when we’re all able to jam together whether in the house, out back around a pit fire or out on the driveway under the moon…

Kids + Jam session = priceless



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  1. See talent just exudes in this family it seems – good to see a proud papa moment.

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