Forced relocation – Poem based on a prompt

I jumped in on a writing prompt in a comment from ramblingsfromamum in her post here.

The comment was “Trickling like water across the mossy stones… your time starts now”

I decided to try to add the last part in as part of the prompt 😀


Forced relocation

Trickling like water across the mossy stones
She knew it wouldn’t be long now and let out a small groan


Liquid running down her leg, she felt both hope and fear
Thoughts were for her mother, passed away, wipe a tear


Dusty  line of Cherokee, pushed along the path
Traveling this Trail of Tears, how long would this pain last


Hers would be a mixed rain, both joy and pain of birth
Forced relocations both, they would have to endure


Wandering off the path a bit, getting out-of-the-way
She felt the trickle turn to gush her plug had given way

Bitter sweet

Finding shade behind a tree, thankful for release
Squatting down, she closed her eyes and began to squeeze


Life and death along the path, forced march is how
Looked her baby in the eyes, … your time starts now


Stephen Kellogg – 2012

About Stephen Kellogg

Poetry, Ponderings, Prose, Photos & Pounding out the Pathways All at my blog... I hope you'll take a few minutes to wander around the site. Not all of what you read there will be happy or sad etc. but I trust my writings, photos etc will encourage, touch, inspire or just make you think…. I really appreciate feedback!! Thanks and enjoy Peace! Stephen Kellogg All of my writings, pictures etc are original works, unless otherwise noted, and should be considered copyrighted.
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2 Responses to Forced relocation – Poem based on a prompt

  1. I am over shadowed by a master!! 🙂 Even using ‘your time starts now’ so ingenious – well done Stephen – Ugh childbirth..takes me back. Pain and the push parts my favourite. Excellent – thank you for participating.

    • Rambly,
      You humble me with your comments. I enjoyed the challenge and a great prompt line it was… OK, you asked for a line so I’ll see what I can do.


      “For the days you left me standing”

      ok There’s one for you 😀



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