Life Love Lost – Poem

As many of you know, my dad recently passed away. This poem is not actually about him, but I share that bit as there was a lot of support from family and friends and it was much appreciated. I have recently been on the other side of that coin where a friend’s husband had cancer. When I first started writing this poem, I was bouncing around between what she must be going through and what those on the “outside” feel. I struggled with this poem, as I wasn’t sure about what I’d say or how it would be received etc. I wrote some, pondered and wrote a bit more.
Recently, her husband passed away. Tonight I’ve finished this poem (though I’m not sure it’s actually complete yet) and thought I’d go ahead and post it.

Strength and peace to you Ms. G.

Life love lost

How does one say goodbye
To a life not yet lost
Where the hours seem short
Emotions tossed about in the storm

How does one begin to know
The depths of feelings that must constantly rumble
Pouring through with good memories of times past
While ripping tides cut walks on the beach short

How is one to know
What there is to be said
When the love of someone’s life
Has frayed into frail resemblance

When news bounces in with a positive spin
Only to twist and dash on the rocks instead
Predictions slim, diagnosis grim
When to hold on, how to let go

There’s some peace in knowing
Though sadness, well filtered, still seeps through
It’s tugging grip there to remind you
Time still moves on

How do you say it’s ok
When they know their time is short
When prayers seem unanswered
As cancer runs its course

A hug, comforting words
A friendly wave
Supportive smile
As the music plays

Life calls on, outside the home
Young lives touched
Through musical tones
Still giving, in need

Emotions bleed
Time marches on
Until at midnight
Life is gone

Tears escape
Love rolls on
Summer’s break
Time has come

Stephen Kellogg – 2013

About Stephen Kellogg

Poetry, Ponderings, Prose, Photos & Pounding out the Pathways All at my blog... I hope you'll take a few minutes to wander around the site. Not all of what you read there will be happy or sad etc. but I trust my writings, photos etc will encourage, touch, inspire or just make you think…. I really appreciate feedback!! Thanks and enjoy Peace! Stephen Kellogg All of my writings, pictures etc are original works, unless otherwise noted, and should be considered copyrighted.
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7 Responses to Life Love Lost – Poem

  1. Alice Keys says:

    I was glad to see your post pop into my email box tonight. What a gift.

    Wow. I enjoyed your deep, complex and truthful piece of writing. Thanks for offering it here.

    Your very first lines sear my heart: “How does one say goodbye To a life not yet lost”. This is a wonderful question. We could all give more thought to answering it since all of us are dying. Every single born one of us is. So every meeting contains the seeds of goodbyes and loss.

    All the best, my friend. Keep writing.

    • Alice,
      Dealing with life and death can both be challenging in various ways. And all aspects can be tough. Living with one who is dying, having a friend who is living with one who is dying etc.
      It was a tough poem to write, partly because I wasn’t sure how Ms. G. would take it, though I haven’t directly shared it with her yet. Tough as it was to write, it was one of those poems that had to come out.
      We are all on that eventual path, it does sometimes help to keep that in mind as it can help to form / change perspective. Thanks for the continued support of my writings and ramblings.



  2. Tram says:

    I only now saw this post and read this poem. It’s wonderful. Hope Mrs. G got to read it too.

    • Tram,
      Thanks for the feedback. I have not directly shared it with her though she may have seen it on her own. I may get bold enough to send it to her directly one of these days.



  3. When the love of someone’s life
    Has frayed into frail resemblance

    Yes, indeed. You capture it well. Some possible bad news, we really don’t know yet, from my sister last night. . . horrible memories of losing my mother 27 years ago, my good friend Dennis less than a decade past. There are no words that can be said, but reading in a poem someone phrase how it feels. . . that helps. Thank you for this one.

    • David,
      First, sorry you have been so close to so much loss. I really hope your sister’s news is better than expected. Strength to you and her my friend.
      The lines you mentioned from the poem seemed to somewhat write themselves and tore at me. The others were the ones mentioned by Alice and “While ripping tides cut walks on the beach short”
      Thank you for being so open in your comment, it is good to know that something I’ve written speaks to or helps someone.

      Peace to you,


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