Follow your passion daily – Acrostic

I’m heading over to a local bar tonight… why? Because it’s open mic night for musicians. This is important because…
I enjoy listening to it, playing it, singing it, feeling it… etc. it…

A couple of weeks ago, I talked to one of the regulars there and he said he wished he’d have followed his musical passion more as a kid and that he wished his parents would have supported him more.  He thought it was awesome that I had taken my youngest (12) there to play at open mic night and how much all my kids are into music (both playing and listening). He’s making up for it now, diving into music and really enjoying it.

Tonight I talked with a couple of folks and we were discussing some of the things we do. I mentioned some of the things I do,  music, writing poetry, working on a novel etc. and he said… wow I wish I had something like that to do.

I suppose the acrostic below is a bit of my response to that comment.


Follow your passion daily






Stephen Kellogg – 2014


Wishing doesn’t make it so 😀

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Precious Cargo – Hearts – Poem

My kids headed down to GA today to see their grandparents, cousins etc. I wrote this poem as I already miss them…

Precious Cargo – Hearts

Precious cargo, hearts intact
Head down south where pines blow in the breeze
Pollen makes you sneeze
And covers everything in a yellowy-green

Precious cargo, hearts in tow
Head down south where grandparents faces
Beam with expectant glow
Knowing, joy will soon be there

Precious cargo, hearts that scream
For life, love and wondrous things
Where aunts and cousins, guitars and dreams
Welcome the coming of spring

Precious cargo, my heart you hold
Your laughter and love never grow old
So here I’ll sit, with treasure trove
Thoughts of you, ‘til you get home


Stephen Kellogg – 2014

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I’ve been waitin – song

Hello friends at WordPress… It’s been a while!
I’m still alive and quite busy. Thought I’d at least show that there’s still creativity happening 😀

Thought y’all’d (yes I just used 2 ‘ in one word 🙂 ) get a kick out of this…

I just recorded vocals to a song that Evan (my 12 year old son) and I wrote and recorded. All recorded using the laptop, so the sounds not the best, but it was loads of fun. Evan wrote the music I wrote the lyrics. He and I recorded the music (he’s on guitar and I’m on the drums). I then went back and recorded vocals.
I think when we perform it, we’ll stretch it out and let him rip more on the guitar

2 versions, check them out if you’re interested:

Hope y’all enjoy. Hopefully I’ll get back to poetry sometime soon, but until then, I’ll enjoy music and the creative outlet there.





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Immerse yourself – Poem

It’s been a while (once again) since I’ve spent much time on WordPress. Having done so tonight for a bit, the following poem emerged.

Immerse yourself

I look, read, absorb
And am drawn back in
To a place where
Wind blows through trees
Hearts beat to lovers tune
Moonbeams dance
Lovers trance
Pain is spelled in blood
Shot through lens
Poured out on canvas
Spilled in floods
Drained from veins through finger tips
Pounding out the words that express
Love, mess, torn dress society
Reeling from poverty
Broken dreams
Down in the dumps
Slowly rising
Dust swirls and twirls upward
As movement shakes loose dirt
Feet find earth
Hearts hope
Breaking free from doubts grip
Slowly rising
Expression clearing as eyes focus
Girl becomes woman
Shakes off the past
Boy becomes man
Guilt and pain won’t last
Not forgotten in haste
But no longer a binding disgrace
I delve deeper
Finding refuge in the swirling words
Images snapped and blurred
Soaking in others dreams
Thoughts, emotions, pain, joy
A place we can go
Where we know
Others have walked this road
Have gone where I may never go
Dreamed what I may have already lived
Understand, give
Open their hearts
And yours
Poets, photographers, artist
And dreamers of all kind
Building fabric that
Covers you with understanding
Heats your mind
Warms your heart
If you let it


Stephen Kellogg – 2013

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Little white sandals – Poem

Just saw a photo of a little girl wearing white leather sandals. I had flashbacks of my own little girl… Had to stop and write 🙂 If you had / have a little girl in your life, I hope this brings back fond memories for you as well.

Little white sandals

Do you remember little white sandals
Leather, with little buckles
Tiny holes in the strap
Pulling them tight, but not too tight

Do you remember watching
As pudgy little toes stuck out the front
Tiny soles bouncing and sliding
Across the dirt and rock

Do you remember curls bouncing
Chubby little arms raised up
Beaming grin
As you picked her up

I do
I remember it well
The smile on your face then
Still graces mine now


Stephen Kellogg – 2013

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The time has arrived – Poem

The time has arrived

You hit the age I heard the voice say
When people you know, friends and family
Coworkers, acquaintances reach the point
When life’s frailty becomes blatantly obvious
Hair loss happens way to fast
As chemicals course through veins
Waging war against life consuming invaders
When heart’s life streams clog with years of use
Lung capacities reduce
Vision fades
Dark to gray
I knew I’d hit this age one day
I heard that same voice say
It was only a matter of time
When loved ones turn to ash
Living on in hearts and minds
Phone calls come
Expressions of bones that have given home
To an uninvited threat
No further news yet
But holding on with hope
I knew this time would come
I heard that same voice say
Then closed my mouth
And the voice went away

Stephen Kellogg – 2013

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I am alive – Poem

So I’ve been away for quite a while but I’m still kicking. I plan to start cutting out some of the other time consumers in my life and get back to one of my loves… writing!
Last week the kids and I went camping and had a blast. It was great to be back in nature, moving through the woods, splashing in the stream and sitting by the falls feeling it blow gentle mist my way.

The kids and a great time and were a blast to watch, listen to and play with as well.

The poem below doesn’t do it justice, but maybe some photos will help. I’ll be posting photos from the trip on my photo blog


I am alive

It may not appear so as you pass by

The one portal of my life you know

Smudged over, cobwebs hanging low


I am alive

Just climbed to the top of a little mountain

Breathed in fresh air

Climbed the boulders

Crept close to the edge

Life invigorated as I

Danced among the clouds

Dreamt of flying with the birds

Saw the kids soak in their world

Back to camp we went

Chasing trails as they emerged

Snapping photos of plant and bird

Cool stream water

Pranced over, around, through my toes

Into my heart

Down the falls to pools below

Watched my children laugh and play

Hunting dreams along trails

Climbing cliffs

Balancing on rails

Songs around the campfire

Drop biscuits in iron skillet

Guitars played on

Tired bodies flopped into sleeping bags

Gentle snores and shuffles

Rain danced on tent fly

Evening choir, quiet for a change

Morning sun

Match sparks fly

Wood gives life to flame

French toast all around

Smiles break into plans

Another hike in store

Muscles sore but adventure awaits

Off to stake our claim on the trails

Several refreshing days of


Mountain top views

Valley river chases


Peaceful places

Grace and innocence

As mama and baby deer

Look up with perked ear

We soak in the view

Then walk on

Rock to root

Dirt turning to sky

As we try to not “fall through”

It’s a world that still exists

Captured in photos, hearts and heads

Shared through this blurry portal

Glimpse another part of my world


Stephen Kellogg – 2013


This was a quick run to get the writing juices flowing and posting … I reserve the right to come back and edit it 😀

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