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A famous author can you guess who – Poem – NaPoWriMo day 7

OK, so I said I’d do 30 poems in 30 days (and I’d try to do one a day) but, much like NaNoWriMo, there will be days where I don’t reach my daily goal (getting the poem written and posted … Continue reading

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Blog comment I left in haiku form

Left this set of Haiku’s as a comment to Erin’s funny post. Thanks for the giggles Nip Tuck Cow got me going Took some time to stop Glad you still posted Prednisone and such aside I will hit your blog Poetry … Continue reading

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If Yoda wrote haikus.. part 2

I had some fun with the previous “If Yoda wrote haikus” post so on my drive home I came up with a couple more. I immediately turned on the radio after that so y’all wouldn’t end up with a bunch of … Continue reading

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If Yoda wrote Haikus ;)

Some days are just like this… Tired Tired as ever One foot in front of other Keep moving a must Stephen Kellogg – 2010 Almost has a Yoda sound 🙂 Ok that got  me thinking..  Thought about Mel’s new pics … Continue reading

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The fight – A short story (ok that’s stretching it..:) )

I just found something I wrote in college… One of my class assignments was to go to the local mall, observer for a while and write about something I saw there. Here’s what I came up with. The Fight You … Continue reading

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Our love’s not that strong – Haiku(s)

These were inspired when the moderator for “will the haiku be unbroken” had a PC hard drive fail and therefore pushed out the “Our love’s not that strong” line another week. She posted the info here. Here are my responses: … Continue reading

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Must get off WordPress – Haiku

Must get off WordPress So much to get done, but blah Don’t want to do it Stephen Kellogg – 2010 I’m sure I’ll be back on at some point tonight… see you then!

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Have we lost touch? – Ponderings

Have we lost touch? A day or two ago I was out picking up some groceries. Standing at the back of my car, trunk open, I noticed an elderly lady messing with her car. She appeared confounded, trying to figure … Continue reading

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Haiku and Acrostic response to post

I wrote this as a comment to a friends post That’s My Peanut !!!. I liked them so I thought I’d post the comment here: Melanie, fun pic.. Love the wiskers I sometimes wonder what goes through an animal’s mind … Continue reading

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Some of my haikus from …

If you like to write haiku’s or if you’ve ever wanted to try, there is a fun little site called “will the haiku be unbroken.” It’s located here http://unbrokenhaiku.wordpress.com/ The premise is easy… they take the last line from the … Continue reading

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