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Handle Beauty – Haiku

Haiku based on a photo I took: Handle Beauty Photo (Full size photo link to my photo blog) Sometimes we see the Handle that needs to be turned Sometimes the beauty Stephen Kellogg – 2018

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If there is thunder – Poem

If there is thunder If there is thunder rolling Bring on the lightening Let the winds whip up Stinging rain If there if thunder booming Bring the flashing light of your eyes Let your voice rise up Bring on my … Continue reading

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The Park Train – Poem

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of meeting my mom at the park. We sat and talked and walked around a bit. I took this photo of the train there… When my kids were much younger, they would … Continue reading

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Flow – Poem

Flow It’s there under the surface Roiling, boiling Sometimes showing only as a light fog Over the depths of water Words, thoughts Feelings loading up their back legs Preparing to pounce If only You’d pick up a pen Grab some … Continue reading

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Basement dweller speaks – haiku – poem

Cozy little town Tucked away in a basement Lying in the dark This poets poor brain Churns and burns on haikus grand And rhymes oh so bland Head on soft pillow Covers pulled up nice and tight Fighting nights cool … Continue reading

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My Muse – Haiku

My Muse – Haiku Crawling back to you My muse, heartbeat for my ink Rebirth my heart speak Stephen Kellogg – 2014

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Immerse yourself – Poem

It’s been a while (once again) since I’ve spent much time on WordPress. Having done so tonight for a bit, the following poem emerged. Immerse yourself I look, read, absorb And am drawn back in To a place where Wind … Continue reading

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